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Francisco Correa, Andreas Fring

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(*) We will only use your e-mail address to contact you.

(**) If you wish to give a seminar please provide a title and an abstract. There are not many free slots left, but depending on demand we will try to accommodate.

(***) You can send us a video or an audio clip of maximal 5 minutes length in a standard format. Alternatively you can also send us a poster in form of four high resolution pictures.

Information for participants

We will use zoom to host the meetings. You will receive a URL link in advance of the seminars via e-mail once you have registered on this page. You are then able to join the meeting simply by clicking that link of copying it into your browser. During the first 45 min of talk you will be able to use a chat feature to ask questions. The chairman will decide whether to interrupt the speaker to ask the question or leave it until the end. During the last 15 min you will be able to ask more questions or make commends.

Information for speakers

You will receive a URL link in advance of the seminars via e-mail. You can share part of your computer screen, i.e. the pdf or powerpoint of your talk, and then simply talk over your slides. Zoom is quite intuitive to use, but if you have not used it before please get in touch with the organizers so that we can have a quick rehearsal session. We are recording the seminars and will make the videos available on the conference website. If you do not wish to be recorded, simply contact the organizers.

Seminar schedule

The seminars are scheduled for 60 min with 45 min presentation and 15 min left for discussions.