Welcome to the website supporting the virtual seminar series on Pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians in Quantum Physics.

This virtual seminar series is part of the regular real life seminar series on Pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians in Quantum Physics that was initiated by Miloslav Znojil in 2003. It is intended to bridge the gap, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, between the real life XIXth meeting and the upcoming XXth meeting in Santa Fe in 2021. For past events see the PHHQP website. The subject matter of this series is the study of physical aspects of non-Hermitian systems from a theoretical and experimental point of view. Of special interest are systems that possess a PT-symmetry (a simultaneous reflection in space and time).

Proceedings: Journal of Physics: Conference Series Volume 2038


Upcoming : Barry Sanders + (Abhijeet Alase, Salini Karuvade), (University of Calgary, Canada), 26/05, 15:00 London time (=14:00 GMT)

Observing a changing Hilbert-space inner product

Abstract: In quantum mechanics, physical states are represented by rays in Hilbert space H, which is a vector space imbued by an inner product ⟨|⟩, whose physical meaning arises as the overlap ⟨ϕ|ψ⟩ for |ψ⟩ a pure state (description of preparation) and ⟨ϕ| a projective measurement. However, current quantum theory does not formally address the consequences of a changing inner product during the interval between preparation and measurement. We establish a theoretical framework for such a changing inner product, which we show is consistent with standard quantum mechanics. Furthermore, we show that this change is described by a quantum operation, which is tomographically observable, and we elucidate how our result is strongly related to the exploding topic of PT-symmetric quantum mechanics. We explain how to realize experimentally a changing inner product for a qubit in terms of a qutrit protocol with a unitary channel.

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Upcoming seminars

Barry Sanders, 26/05, 15:00 London time (=14:00 GMT)

Observing a changing Hilbert-space inner product

Sujit Sarkar, 09/06, 15:00 London time (=14:00 GMT)

Topological quantum criticality in non-Hermitian extended Kitaev chain

Gernot Akemann, 23/06, 15:00 London time (=14:00 GMT)


Chi-Yi Ju, 07/07, 15:00 London time (=14:00 GMT)

Einstein’s quantum elevator: Hermitization of non-Hermitian Hamiltonians via a generalized vielbein formalism

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Complete list of speakers

  1. Ali Mostafazadeh, (Koç University, Turkey) 07/05
  2. Nick Mavromatos, (King’s College, Uni. of London, UK) 14/05
  3. Phillip Mannheim, (University of Connecticut, US) 21/05
  4. Fabio Bagarello, (University of Palermo, Italy) 04/06
  5. Dorje Brody, (University of Surrey, UK) 18/06
  6. Savannah Garmon, (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan) 02/07
  7. Yogesh Joglekar, (Indiana Uni. Purdue University, US) 16/07
  8. Andrei Smilga, (University of Nantes, France) 23/07
  9. Eva-Maria Graefe, (Imperial College London, UK) 30/07
  10. Avadh Saxena, (Los Alamos National Laboratory, US) 13/08
  11. Li Ge, (City University of New York, US) 20/08
  12. Carl Bender, (Washington University in St. Louis, US) 27/08
  13. Vladimir Konotop, (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal) 10/09
  14. Joshua Feinberg, (University of Haifa and Technion, Israel) 24/09
  15. Bhabani Prasad Mandal, (BHU, Varanasi, India) 08/10
  16. Stéphane Boris Tabeu, (University of Yaounde, Cameroon) 15/10
  17. Naomichi Hatano, (University of Tokyo, Japan) 22/10
  18. Stefan Rotter, (Vienna University of Technology, Austria) 05/11
  19. Maxim Chernodub, (Inst Denis Poisson, CNRS, France) 12/11
  20. Pijush Ghosh, (Siksha-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati, India) 19/11
  21. Mikhail Plyushchay, (Universidad de Santiago, Chile) 03/12
  22. Qing-hai Wang, (National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore) 17/12
  23. Gonzalo Muga, (University of the Basque Country, Spain) 14/01
  24. Stella Schindler, (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US) 21/01
  25. Miloslav Znojil, (Nucl. Phys. Inst. of the AS, Czech Republic) 28/01
  26. Roman Riser, (University of Haifa, Israel) 11/02
  27. Duncan O’Dell, (McMaster University, Canada) 25/02
  28. Mustapha Maamache, (Ferhat Abbas University, Algeria) 11/03
  29. Andreas Ruschhaupt, (University College Cork, Ireland) 01/04
  30. Hamidreza Ramezani, (Univ. of Texas Rio Grande Valley, US) 08/04
  31. Andreas Fring, (City, University of London, UK) 22/04
  32. Andrew Harter, (University of Tokyo, Japan) 06/05
  33. Özlem Yeşiltaş, (Gazi University, Turkey) 20/05
  34. Iveta Semorádová, (Czech Techn. Univ. Prague, Czech Republic) 03/06
  35. Hugh Jones, (Imperial College London, UK) 17/06
  36. Marta Reboiro, (University of La Plata, Argentina) 01/07
  37. Ken Mochizuki, (Tohoku University, Japan) 15/07
  38. Daniel Dizdarevic, (Universität Stuttgart, Germany) 29/07
  39. Philip Mannheim, (University of Connecticut, US) 09/09
  40. Latevi Lawson, (African Inst. for Math. Sciences, Ghana) 23/09
  41. Jacob Muldoon, (Indiana University Purdue University, US) 30/09
  42. Ross Wakefield, (University of Bristol, UK) 30/09
  43. Abdelhafid Bounames, (University of Jijel, Algeria) 30/09
  44. Himadri Barman, (Zhejiang University, China) 30/09
  45. Andrei Smilga, (University of Nantes, France) 07/10
  46. Takanobu Taira (City, University of London, UK) 14/10
  47. Rebecca Tenney (City, University of London, UK) 14/10
  48. Akhil Kumar, (Indian Inst. of Science Educ. and Res., India) 14/10
  49. Kaustubh Argarwal, (Indiana University Purdue University, US) 14/10
  50. Federico Roccati, (Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy) 21/10
  51. Ali Mostafazadeh, (Koç University, Turkey) 04/11
  52. Yogesh Joglekar, (Indiana Uni. Purdue University, US) 18/11
  53. Fabio Bagarello, (Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy) 02/12
  54. Kohei Kawabata, (University of Tokyo, Japan) 09/12
  55. Tsuneya Yoshida, (University of Tsukuba, Japan) 16/12
  56. Kazuki Yokomizo, (RIKEN National Science Institute, Japan) 06/01
  57. Hamed Ghaemidizicheh, (Univ. Texas Rio Grande Valley, US) 20/01
  58. Géza Lévai, (Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungary) 03/02
  59. Aurelia Chenu, (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg) 17/02
  60. Adolfo del Campo, (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg) 03/03
  61. Carl Bender, (Washington University in St. Louis, US) 17/03
  62. Micheline Soley, (Yale Quantum Institute, US) 31/03
  63. Michael Lubasch, (Quantinuum Ltd, UK) 14/04
  64. Karl Landsteiner, (Inst. de Física Teórica UAM/CSIC, Spain) 28/04
  65. Ion Cosma Fulga, (Leibniz Institute Dresden, Germany) 12/05
  66. Barry Sanders, (University of Calgary, Canada) 26/05
  67. Sujit Sarkar, (Poornaprajna Inst. of Scientific Research, India) 09/06
  68. Gernot Akemann, (Universität Bielefeld, Germany) 23/06
  69. Chi-Yi Ju, (National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan) 07/07